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 About us

                     AQuaVerde LLC, a manufacturer and a distributor of specialty GREEN industrial and 

                     household Hard surface cleaners formulated using environmentally friendly, effective 

                     and renewablematerials. Does not contain phosphates, or DEA. The main component 

                     of our  Household  and  Industrial  Cleaners  is   d-Limonene,  a  Cleaner  from   Nature. 

                     d-Limonene is found in citrus (orange) peel oil, which is a very effective biodegradable

                     solvent and degreaser. d-Limonene is rated Generally Recognized  As Safe    (GRAS)  

                     from US FDA.

                     We also supply deodorizers - bubble gum, mulberry, and apple fragrance,  for sports equipment, etc

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Short Description

Product 1-1

($10.0/half pint)




Aqua Green Clean 101

PURE Hard Surface Cleaner for Ceramic Tile Floor; Marble; Hard Wood; Porcelain; Metal and other Surfaces (Please review “applications page”). Label Remover; Wax remover; Glue remover; Removal of Tire marks from driveway or parking area; remove grout haze.Combustible Liquid Mixture; Do not use straight on Fiberglass, plastic, plexiglass, and painted surfaces. Also, Auto Shop, and oily metal parts cleaner.  1 pint (16 Fl.Oz.)(473 ml); 1 Quart (32oz) (946ml); 1 gallon (128 oz)

Product 1-1-1


Aqua Green Clean 101/Thyme Oil

PURE Hard Surface Cleaner, contains Thyme Oil, a Natural disinfectant. Applications are the same as Aqua Green Clean 101.

Product 1-2

($ 8.00)

Aqua Green Clean 102

Ready to use Hard Surface Cleaner, pre-diluted “101” with water, for ceramic tile, marble, hard wood, porcelain, metal surface and other surfaces Cleaner; also can be used as Glue, Wax, Label remover.  1 pint (16 Fl.Oz.)(473 ml)

Product 1-2 PS

($ 9.00)

Aqua Green Clean 102 PS



Concentrated cleaner for Laundry applications. Remove tough stains, soil. dirt, make-up, blood, Grease and Oil. 

1 pint (16 Fl.Oz.)(473 ml)

Product 1-2M

($ 8.00)

AquaGreen 102M

Viscosity modified version of 102, Green Hard Surface Cleaner, Sharpie mark remover, grease removal and adhesive Label remover. May be used for hard surfaces, including ceramic tile, marble, Formica tops, porcelain and metal. 1 pint (16 Fl.Oz.)(473 ml)

Product 1-2S


AquaGreen 102S
Stainless Steel cleaner

 Ready to use Stainless Steel and Metal Surface Cleaner. Lotion form. 1 pint (16 Fl.Oz.)(473 ml)

Product 7

($ 20.00)

Aqua Nature Cleanse

Auto Shop, Mechanic shop Oily Metal Parts Cleaner. 100% active. Water mixable. Combustible Mixture Liquid; Do not use straight on Fiberglass, plastic, plexiglass, and painted surfaces. 1 pint (16 Fl.Oz.)(473 ml)

Product 9/H2O2


Absorbent Mops/H2O2

1 sheet: 10" x 15"; All purpose cleaning Mops, Clean grease, oil, soil, hard surface, and more, also absorb liquid. /Contains Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

Product 10/H2O2

($ 6.00)

 Working hand cleaner

GREEN All Purpose Lotion Hand Cleaner.:
 4 oz jar

Product 12
  ($ 8.00)

AQUA Odor - S

Deodorizer with Mulberry fragrance. Contains no phosphate. 1 pint (16 Fl.Oz.)(473 ml)

 Product 13
  ($ 8.00)

AQUA Odor - A

Deodorizer with Apple fragrance.  Our fastest moving deodorizer. Contains no phosphate.
 1 pint (16 Fl.Oz.)(473 ml)

Product 14
  ($ 8.00)

AQUA Odor - B

Industrial Odor Control; Bubble gum fragrance, further dilution with water if necessary
 1 pint (16 Fl.Oz.)(473 ml)